Friday, July 23, 2010

Making Memories

from Emily Bryan . . .

I hate to admit it, but summer is half gone already. I'm head down on my current WIP, but we try to work in some special pleasures during these halcyon days.

In June, I was back in the midwest for a family reunion, boating on the Lake of the Ozarks. Lovely.

Then closer to home, we made it out to Revere Beach for their annual sand sculpture competition. These were not your usual sand castles.

The sculptures soared 15-18 ft tall. Some of the designs were downright Dali-esque. And the detail was phenomenal.

First Place was captured by a huge breeching fish. Further down its scaly body, there were a series of porthole-like openings with a Jonah figure peering sadly out.

Next week, we plan to head for the Esplanade and listen to the Boston Landmark Orchestra on the banks of the Charles River.

I'm seeing a pattern here. All my summer fun seems to be on or near a body of water. How about yours? I hope you've done some special fun things with your fam. Why not share them here? Might give someone else an idea of how to make a memory with the ones they care for.

(BTW, all the pics in this post are courtesy of my daughters' cellphones. When they were little we took them to Disney World and gave them a disposable camera a piece to shoot pics of whatever they liked. We ended up developing a couple rolls of pictures of other people's bottoms and had a fresh appreciation of what the world looks like from a kid's level! Think their photography skills have improved over the years . . . )

How will you make a memory this summer?


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