Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joy's a Cover Girl! :-)

Wow, I'm a cover girl :-)

Check out the November issue of Romantic Times Book Reveiws magazine to read all about me and Silver Silence, the third book in my Druids of Avalon trilogy!

4-1/2 stars!
"Nash beautifully presents another slice of the Arthuran legend featuring characters with great depth. She seamlessly merges the hero's and heroine's maturation with Druid legends as they move 300 years [into the future] to help ensure Arthur's birth. This tale, full of adventure and romance, will suck you in and be long remembered. As it moves to its startling and totally unexpected conclusion, readers will gasp for breath."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The importance of chasing dreams

I remember the day when I first learned what a manhood was.

I fell in love with romance novels when I was ten. My mother would let me read the sedate ones, like Dorothy Eden’s classic gothics or Phyllis Whitney’s books. But when publishers began churning out huge, sexy historicals with titles like The Flame and the Flower, Mom hid them in the closet. I ferreted them out. Fascinated by The Flame and the Flower, I read others. I expanded my vocabulary, learning new words that would never win spelling bees, such as ""ravish" and "throbbing hardness."

I dreamed of becoming an author. My first poem, written in third grade, seemed like a good start. I had big dreams, dreams as wispy as morning fog burning off the lake where we once swam. Dreams worthy of a good chase.

Dreams are important. We need dreams to cling to, to keep us hoping and working and longing and envisioning possibilities. Sometimes the dreams sputter and stall out. Sometimes they die. But you can always replace them with new ones.

When I remarried for the second time, we were blissfully happy on our honeymoon. I dreamed of having a family at last, and spending an old-fashioned Christmas with my parents.

One week after returning home from our honeymoon, my husband and I received a call that my mother was hospitalized. The diagnosis was colon cancer. It didn’t look like she’d make it to Christmas.

That dream was dying, along with my mother.

Dad wanted hospice, but I couldn''t accept that the woman who was my best friend was dying. As I nursed her, books she loved reading lay gathering dust. One night, to escape the never-ending whir and click of the oxygen machine, I picked up Barbara Delinsky''s For My Daughters.

As I read about a dying woman and her daughters, my heart admitted what my mind knew. The next day, Dad called hospice. Mom admitted to the social worker that she knew she would die of cancer. Not wanting to spoil my wedding, she kept her pain and her knowledge silent, living for the day when her shining eyes proudly watched me walk down the aisle.

That was her dream, and she’d held on to see it come true.

She died a few days before Christmas. Dad died six weeks later from sudden heart failure. My husband and I started trying for a family. During this time, I began writing romance novels to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an author. Each rejection slip delivered frustration, which my husband beat back with encouraging words. "Keep writing," he’d say. "You can do it. Your mom would want this for you."

Gradually, after years of painful, agonizing fertility treatments, a boatload of money spent and three miscarriages, I came to realize the dream of trying to have children was dying.

I cried a boatload of tears, packed away the infant clothes, tossed out the catalogs with baby furniture, and let the dream go. I kept writing. I had a dream of being an author, and this dream was going to come true.

A few years later, I stopped writing what everyone said the market wanted. I wrote a historical set in Egypt. I felt certain no publisher would touch it. But it was my book of the heart—a book for my mother. I wrote The Falcon & the Dove in two months, the story of a sheikh and a spirited archaeologist destined for each other through time.

More rejections followed and I was ready to quit. Then one day, my husband handed me a small box. Inside was a tiny gold starfish pendant. "This is your magic wishing star," he told me. "You keep it next to your heart where you keep all your dreams alive. And every time you want to give up, just hold your star and keep those dreams alive."

Two months after that precious gift of hope, I received news. Falcon had won first place in a romance contest and the judge, an editor at Leisure, wanted to see the whole book. I sent it off.

Weeks later, I finally got the call. Leisure wanted to publish The Falcon and the Dove.
I dedicated my first book to my mom and dad, who taught me to dream, and to Frank, my husband, who kept those dreams alive.

This week, my 11th book, Immortal Wolf, is released from Silhouette Nocturne. It’s always a happy time when book release day comes. When I walk into a bookstore and see my name on the shelves, I feel a quiet sense of pride, accomplishment and wonder. I chased a dream that seemed impossible, and it came true.

In Immortal Wolf, Raphael, the sexy, leather-clad biker immortal werewolf, is assigned to end the life of a female werewolf. Everyone she touches dies. And yet, from the moment she lays eyes on the powerful rebel, he awakens all the longings she's kept bottled inside and gives her hope. Raphael knows something enormous is at stake. Not only does Emily’s blood can restore life—but she is his destined mate. Somehow Raphael must convince her to put her life in his hands. Only then will an ancient prophecy be fulfilled and a terrible evil destroyed.

Immortal Wolf is a dark book with light moments, because I always put a little humor in my books. The message is one of hope and trust. If any one of my characters is in desperate need of dreams, it’s Emily, who has lived a life of isolation and loneliness. Raphael helps her dream come true.

Chasing dreams is important in life. As I write this, another friend has cancer. Two other friends each have a parent who was just diagnosed with cancer. This year, I’ve been to one funeral for a friend’s brother who died from liver cancer. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that life is precious, time is short and you should never put off your hopes and dreams until tomorrow, because sometimes today is all you have.

If you’ve had a longtime dream and kept saying, “Some day I’m going to…” then start today. Write down your goal and keep it where you can see it daily and affirm it.

Whether it’s finding that special someone, having a family or being an author, dreams make life worthwhile. You’ll sweat and struggle and work hard and sometimes curse or cry or just want to give up, but this is life. It’s your life, go live it and live it to the best of your ability.

Go chase your dream. You never know if you’ll catch it until you try.

I'll give away a copy of my other release, Midnight Cravings, to one lucky commenter. Midnight Cravings is the parnormal anthology I'm in with Michele Hauf, Karen Whiddon, Vivi Anna, Lori Devoti and Anna Leonard. Just leave a comment to enter, and tell me about YOUR dreams and hopes.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dying to Please

from Emily Bryan . . .
My parents are on their way to my house for a two week stay and I'm so excited to have them. We used to live in the same little Missouri town before my DH and I moved to Boston, so I miss them terribly. This picture of them is from the Alaskan cruise we took together a couple years ago. As you can tell from the pic, they are lots of fun to be around.

But there's a little part of me that's nervous about their visit. I think it's because I'm a "pleaser." I tend to take responsibility for other people's happiness. It's not a healthy thing to do and yet I can't seem to stop myself. So I've been stressing over the details, making sure everything is just right for them.

Am I the only one with this affliction? If you've had it and conquered it, I'd love to know how.

And now we interrupt this blog for a brief commercial message:

Today the 12 Days of A CHRISTMAS BALL Blog Tour is off to a new romance site--Romantic Crush Junkies! And for the first time ever, we're giving away a copy of A CHRISTMAS BALL to a commenter (along with a couple backlist books) so there will be 3 winners today!

Start your weekend early and come join the party!

So as you can see, I'm giving you a "two-fer" today. A neurotic post here and a fun post there. Hope you'll leave a comment in both places! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


No, not wrestling (although, when readers are trying to grab books, who knows?)

I'm outta here to RAW (Reader Appreciation Weekend) hosted by Lora Leigh in Huntington, West Virginia. Two days of books and signings!

The signing is open to the public from 12-4 on SUNDAY, September 27--so if you're in the neighborhood of the Pullman Plaza hotel, please come on by and say howdy, buy books, or just pick up goodies!

Our own C.L. Wilson will also be there, along with Dorchester's Angie Fox. I have two Christmas anthologies out--A Christmas Ball as Jennifer Ashley and Hot for the Holidays as Allyson James and those should be available (as well as a ton of my backlist). Three out of four of us Hot for the Holidays gals will be on hand to sign the antho.

You do NOT have to register to go to the Sunday signing. It's open!

The website for the event is here:

I'm looking forward to seeing my readers there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Time and Place for Love

When I started reading romance (far longer ago than I now care to admit), the choices of settings were virtually endless. In fact, many novels featured globe-trotting heroes and heroines who travelled the world in search of love and adventure.

You could find an historical romance novel set in just about any country--and just about any era. I read novels featuring heroes and/or heroines who were English, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, French, American, Dutch, Italian, Roman, Egyptian, Russian, Persian, Viking, Chinese, American Indian (of every tribe). I read books set in all those same countries as well as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Africa, India, even Sumatra.

In fact, the only thing the books I read had in common was that each contained a romance that was central to the story. Other than that, there were no rules. No restrictions. No limits to the places and times I could go with a romance novel.

Somewhere along the way in the past 20 years, however, historical romance novels grew more restrictive. Certain times and settings became predominant. Certain others ceased to exist entirely. "Stories set in Elizabethan England (or France, or Russia, or Egypt) just don't sell," I would hear. Finally, it seemed the only type of romance that *did* sell (at least to NY Publishers) was Regency England set historicals. And then (predicatably) historicals weren't selling at all. (This is a bit of hyperbole. Historicals have always been published -- as evidenced by our Chatelaines themselves - but generally in fewer numbers - to the point that many historical authors switched to writing contemporary or paranormal romance.)

Now, hoorah! Historical sales appear to be back on the rise. And so do the appearance of times and settings outside of Regency England (Hooray again!).

My friend Carla Capshaw sold her Golden Heart winning novels, The Fox (retitle for publication to The Duke's Redemption), and The Gladiator, to Harlequin's Love Inspired line. The books are set in Colonial America and ancient Rome, respectively, and both come out within the next six months.

Another friend, Stacey Kayne, has been tearing up the Mills & Boon bestseller charts with her American western set historical romances.

Among the Chatelaines, our own Bonnie Vanak has written several novels set in Egypt, including her latest historical from Dorchester, The Lady and the Libertine (gorgeous cover!).

Chatelaine Cindy Holby has written historical romances set in Civil War America, Iowa during the homesteader days, Colonial frontiers of pre-revolutionary America. (Did I mention how much I love Dorchester Publishing for always printing the kinds of books I've always wanted to read?) Every time I look at the cover of Cindy's Rising Wind, I see Daniel Day-Lewis in a loincloth in Last of the Mohicans. Yum!

Chatelaine Emily Bryan delights her readers with humorous historical romance while her alter-ego, Diana Groe, brings ancient Vikings to life. When Emily's, Distracting the Duchess, first made it's appearance, booksellers could hardly keep it on the shelves.

Chatelaine Gerri Russell's Scottish Templars are scrumpdillyicious. (Read this excerpt for yourself and tell me you can't wait to run out and snatch up this book.)

Chatelaine Joy Nash brings the magic of Celtic history to life with her Druids of Avalon.

And Jennifer Ashley needs no introduction from me for her wonderful MacKenzie series of Scottish romances.

And while I'm thrilled that Dorchester has always published historical romances across all ages and exotic lands, as a lover of romance and history, I'm thrilled to see historical romances set in places other than Regency England back on the upswing. I can't wait to see what fabulous stories the Chatelaines and other historical romance novelists have in store for me!


How about you? Do you have favorite historical settings? Can you tell me what, in particular, makes those settings so appealing?

And if there are certain historical settings you specifically avoid, what is it about those times and places that make them unappealing? (I confess, I think a book can be dizzyingly romantic and utterly gripping, no matter where or when it's set.)

I will send a novel of your choice from any Chatelaine, to a poster selected from today's comments.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rewarding Bad Cyber-Behavior

from Emily Bryan ...

Amid all the talk of rudeness that seems to pervade our public life now, I noticed an interesting blog phenomenon this week. I stumbled onto a fairly well-known writer's blog (no, I won't reveal his name because it would only drive more traffic to his site!). He was complaining about unpublished authors asking him for favors. In a really snotty tone.

His site gets 45,000 hits a day. He had over 300 comments. On one post.

Blunt, I'm ok with. Forceful, I understand. Nasty? Not so much. I get that you probably need to be controversial in order to draw that sort of readership, but do you have to also be mean-spirited about how you express your views?

At the risk of sounding prissy, I wonder if there doesn't need to be a Miss Nettiquette reminding people that just because you can't see and don't know who you're talking to, it doesn't mean you can be a total sphincter!

In a Survivor-mentality World, I know I'm tilting at wind-mills here. But my Midwestern soul just rises up and says (politely, of course!) "Why can't you say what you have to without demeaning others in the process?"

Then the practical side of me whispers "What do you think would happen to your career if your blog got 45000 hits a day?"

I'm sure I could come up with some good zingers to hurl into cyber-space. It might draw more readers if I whine and complain or dish dirt on other writers. A good web-feud sucks people in. People will watch with horrified fascination at a cyber-flame up. Why, I could be on Oprah (the Holy Grail of book marketing) if only I was willing to open a vein and give the world a peek into any private pain I might have.

And then I remember that I have to wash my own face each morning.

And cynically nasty-ing up my blog posts in order to start a web-fire would make facing the mirror a tough thing.

So don't expect me to start trash-talking. It may be in me, but it's not coming out as long as I can help it.

P.S. Please join me and my fellow-Chatelaine Jennifer Ashley at The Romance Studio today for excerpts of kissing scenes from A CHRISTMAS BALL!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Claudia Dain/ A Christmas Ball blog tour

Let me get promo out of the way first--Emily Bryan and I, along with fellow Dorch author, Alissa Johnson, are over at Romance Junkies blogging and giving away prizes. We're doing blogs until the release of A Christmas Ball at the end of the month.

What else I'm doing (besides frantically editing a novel draft and writing a novella) is reading!

I'm going through Claudia Dain's "Courtesan" series, re-reading from book one to take myself up to Book 4, How to Dazzle a Duke which came out this September.

I think of this series as "Dangerous Liaisons" except light-hearted! Sophia, the courtesan, who did marry respectable Lord Dalby and is now his widow, intrigues and pulls strings to help a number of ladies on the marriage front. She specializes in pushing people together in underhanded ways. I love this character.

The time period is Regency, by the way.

If you haven't read the series, four are now available (the first three in mass market if you don't want to buy trade, the newest one in trade for now). The first is The Courtesan's Daughter, which I am in the middle of now.

Claudia Dain is one of my favorite people, and I'm indulging myself reading her intriguing, well-plotted, character-driven, witty romances. (And, I was lucky enough to be in an anthology with her--Private Places--which contains a back-story about Sophia.) (My story in it "The Decidedly Devilish Duke" written as Allyson James, is a standalone, but fun!)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new TV shows next week...

I'm looking forward to the new TV season next week! Here are the three shows I'm hooked on. Of course, two are on at the same time! God bless TIVO and TV network Internet broadcasts. :-)

My Inner Geek LOVES The Big Bang Theory. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, anyone?

THE BIG BANG THEORY - 2009 Premiere - CBS Monday, Sept. 21, 9:30 p.m. ET

Numb3ers is more Chicken Soup for my Geek Soul - with hot, hot men and FBI chase action! I started out this series in love with Charlie's character - a gorgeous, brilliant mathematician, hopelessly awkward with women. The longer I watch, the more I like Don - FBI tough, an emotionally conflicted warrior, hopelessly dysfunctional with women. Sensing a trend here?

NUMB3ERS - CBS - 2009 Premiere - Friday Sept 24, 10:00 p.m. ET

When I'm sick of how much the Numb3ers father-and-sons team love each other in between crime-fighting scenes, I'm ready for an episode of House! Don't we all wish we had the guts to call the hypocrites to the carpet a la Dr. House? I wonder if drug rehab has softened his style. I hope not!

HOUSE - Fox - 2009 Premiere - Monday, Sept. 21 8:00 p.m. ET/PT

Happy TV watching!


Coming Sept 29!

Santa Honey - A Christmas Anthology

Who's coming down your chimney tonight?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Memories and vampires

This is the cover to my December anthology with Linda Winstead Jones and Lisa Childs. My story is about a lonely vampire and the werewolf he needs to redeem his lost honor and return to his clan. It even has singing green gremlins dressed in Santa Claus suits.

Love those Nocturne covers

Speaking of covers, TIME magazine has an article on romance, one that is sorta degrading at times, but in the photo, there's the cover of my book, ENEMY LOVER.

Always wanted to be in TIME, so at least my cover is, even though some would classify it as a "bodice ripper." Sigh.

This is a hectic week, so instead of a regular blog, I've decided to post one of my very first blogs from my personal blog in 2004. Things have changed since then...

Bonnie's 2004 Memory Lane Blog

I decided to start blogging today after reading entries in the MSNBC blog about the Democratic National Convention. It was very absorbing. Plus my friend, romance author Jennifer Ashley, has a blog. I guess you might say I'm surrendering to the cultural pressure (egads! what is next? A pair of Vera Wang slingbacks? Not with these Vienna Sausage toes!)

Short synopsis of my life: I'm Bonnie. I live in a middle class neighborhood in a house with my husband of (nearly) nine years, Frank, two Shih Tzu dogs named Tia and Tiger and a smart alerk parrot named Cain. Cain talks and loves to insult me. Yesterday he called me "butthead." I don't know where he picked that up.

I write romance as a hobby and I've published two novels. Both are set in Egypt. I work full time for a charity as a writer and travel to poor countries. While there I interview poor people, usually get dysentery, and then I return to the United States and write about the people I've met to raise money to help them. I've been doing this for 10 years and I've traveled to Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guyana, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Guatemala, and probably a couple of other countries I've forgotten.

I sometimes travel about one week out of the month. I'm done with travelng for the summer and in the office a lot right now. I work with a group of people in the Creative Department. We Create.

Today one of my co-workers brought in muffin tops. I told her, "Hey, it's an Elaine thing from 'Seinfeld.'" But they weren't REAL muffin tops. Because there were no bottoms. They just baked the tops and saved dough on the bottoms. I told my co-worker, "I'm going to visit the bakery and protest. This is false advertising. How can you have tops without bottoms?" Life just doesn't make sense some days.

Now, back to blogging. What's been going on with my romance writing? Not much. I don't have another contract or an agent yet. I have a couple of Egyptian historicals with my editor. One has been there for seven months. I also have another book under consideration with another publisher.

And another book, my weird vampire dark comedy, under consideration with a couple of agents. I'm in the process of revising it to resubmit to an agent I really like who wants to see it again. My good friend Renee, was nice enough to take a look at the entire book and make suggestions. Wow! It was like the light came on. I got really energized by her critique and I started writing again! Nice feeling. Rewrote the first chapter of the vampire book and I'm slowly going through it to make the other revisions.

Today I sent another plague email to my editor. I've embarked on a journey I call the Ten Plagues of Egypt Email Campaign. It's one email a week I'm sending to my editor asking if he read my Egyptian book yet. Today's Plague of the Week was Hail. It read like this: "And Moses sayeth to Pharaoh, "The Lord will send a hailstorm upon Egypt, destroying all manner of things if you do not let my people go." Pharaoh thought long and hard about the hail and realized, hey, I live in a freaking DESERT and hail is nothing more than ice which melts in the sun and we could use a shower or two, replied, "Go to hail." And the saying became popular throughout the land but the letters became slightly altered so that to this day, "Go to hail," has become a far different meaning than the original except if one has a Southern accent."

Then I asked my editor, "Have I become a blip yet on your weather radar?"

No answer yet. I still have hope the book will be read. (Author's note: He did. That book became THE COBRA AND THE CONCUBINE)

Some day. In the meantime, there's the vamp book. I set aside the Revolutionary War romance I was writing for the fun of it and sank my teeth (ha ha) back into the vamp book. Back in February, I started writing a vampire comedy just as a joke. I wrote the first draft in five weeks and then decided to send it out to agents just as a "what the hey" kind of deal. I got some bites (ha ha bad vampire humor) and then some rejections and some asking to see the full m.s. The adventure continues.

Rejections stink. There's no way around it. Some days I handle rejection better than others. But they're sneaky little things. Like lint balls. They always pop up when you aren't looking. They arrive when I'm feeling down. Or have a raging case of PMS. Or when I return from a very exhausting trip abroad.

I got one rejection after I returned from a grueling trip to the Domincan Republic (hey! That's another country I forget about!) We worked 15 hour days, climbing mountains and stayed one night in this nun's house where red ants infested my suitcase. I had to shake out all my clothing and repack. The poverty we saw was horrible, these sweet kids with their coarse hair and huge guts from starvation.

I saw this teenage girl who must have weighed barely 10 pounds more than my female Shih Tzu. She was 17 and came up to my chest. I wanted to cry when I left there. I barely made it through customs without collapsing from emotional and physical exhaustion. All I wanted was some uplifting news. And when I got home, there sitting on the kitchen table was that awful white envelope with my name on it.

Maybe next time I'll put someone else's name and address on the SASE.

I really like the vamp book. Lucien is a cool hero. He's dark and moody and very sexy. He wears Armani suits but deep down, he's a blue jeans vamp. The book is very odd and features my quirky sense of humor. Yesterday I fleshed out Ashley some more. I nailed her internal conflict and wow! It already makes for a much more powerful opening. I think I created Ashley with a lot of me in her, the first heroine I've ever done that with. Ashley is searching for meaning in her life. She was drifting before, which was, as Renee pointed out, the problem. Now she has a clear goal and is pursuing it. Go Ashley, go. Because I have NO idea where I'm heading.

The most frustrating part of the waiting game in publishing for me, being contractless (is that the same as being braless? Nope. It's not very comfortable), is feeling like I'm disappointing readers who liked/loved my first two books. When they write and ask, "When is your next book coming out? Are you writing another?" I feel good and bad at the same time. Good they were nice enough and cared enough to write. Bad that I don't have good news to share.

I got an email this week from a very nice reader named Gloria. She asked if I have another book coming out. And I wrote back and told her that I have projects under consideration. I also got a fan letter from a reader named Cynthia in Oregon. It was a very uplifting part of my day. I'm going to write her back this weekend, but it's going to be typed. My penmanship looks like someone is zapping my hands with a Taser as I scribble. I should have been an M.D.

Tomorrow is Saturday and we're heading out on a day cruise with my FIL and a group of senior citizens. (Note to self: Bring quarters for slot machines). This should be interesting. Senior citizens gambling fascinate me. At the RT convention in Reno, you had to walk through the casino to get to the workshops. I saw a wizened little old lady who was hooked up to a portable oxygen tank at the slots. She was smoking.

And the local funeral home sends ME their literature about planning for the future? Uh-huh.

Friday, September 11, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour!

from Emily Bryan . . .

I hope you're ready. It's time to strap on your blog tourista shoes and join me in another trek through cyber-space.

That's right! The 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Blog Tour starts on Monday! We'll be talking about A CHRISTMAS BALL, giving you the inside scoop and backstory for this holiday anthology, and at the risk of rushing the season, sharing some Christmas fun along the way.

USA Today BestSeller Jennifer Ashley, Alissa Johnson, and I will be looking for you!Every day there will be prizes and give-aways, so be sure to leave a comment.

Here's your itinerary:

September 14th ~ RomanceBuyTheBook
September 15th ~ Love is an Exploding Cigar
September 16th ~ Yankee Romance Reviewers
September 17th ~ Romance Junkies
September 18th ~ The Romance Studio

Then you get a weekend off to change your socks!

September 21st ~ Fresh Fiction
September 22nd ~ Pillow Talk
September 23rd ~ The Eclectic Reader
September 24th ~ Pop Syndicate
September 25th ~ Romantic Crush Junkies

Another weekend to catch your breath!

September 28th ~ Book Reviews by Bobbie
September 29th ~ NightOwl Romance & A CHRISTMAS BALL's RELEASE DAY!

Create your own banner at!
RSVP at your favorite bookseller!

Then as a bonus, I'll be at Penelope's Romance Reviews on September 30th, a sort of cool down day after the tour. I hope you'll join me. And speaking of Penelope, she just posted an early review of A CHRISTMAS BALL. Here's a taste:

"It is extremely difficult to write a novella. Bryan totally nails it. This story has all the things I love about her longer's beautifully written, has lusty love scenes, wonderful humor, and a very satisfying ending.

This story is truly like an unexpected Christmas gift...I opened the package having no expectations, and I found a real treasure. Thank you, Emily, for this sweet Christmas story."

You can read the whole review at Penelope's Romance Reviews.

Hope to see you along the way!

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me to say they'd be willing to post my Save the Date A CHRISTMAS BALL badge on their blog! I appreciate you so much. If you meant to do it, there is still time. Please email me at with your request and I'll shoot you the code for the invitation. The more the merrier! Thanks so much!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Day, Another Giveaway!!

Hi all: For my Thursday post, I'm going to redirect you to Sapphire Romance Realm.

I'm talking there about my new and upcoming books, and everyone's favorite topic: Why I write under so many different pseudonyms.

(Digression: Actually this used to be rather common, especially in scifi, and especially among women authors, so no one would know they weren't men. I think Andre Norton had about six pseudonyms.)

Anyway: I'm giving away a book from my backlist--any book from any name I've ever written under (Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Ashley Gardner, Laurien Gardner).

It's all happening at today. If you have any reading friends who might be interested, pls. let them know!

Also, Emily Bryan has been energetic and will be on a list of blogs to countdown to the release of A Christmas Ball. Since I'm in the book too, I'll be popping in to say hi (when I can; I'm on yet another seriously tight deadline!)

My illustration today is the cover of Mammoth Book of Vamp Romance II (or Love Bites), which is out Sept. 22! I have a short story in it (if you squint you can see my name on the cover).

Cheers for a Thursday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ghostly Orbs at DragonCon?

Judging from how diligently the gatekeepers checked badges at DragonCon event last weekend in Atlanta, it was clear they were cracking down on non-paying gate crashers. But perhaps there were some otherworldly visitors who came and went as they pleased....

Take a look at the following two photos of this awesome pair of dark angels. I took the first one with my camera, and my friend and roomie author Caridad Pineiro took the second with her camera a few seconds later. When we compared photos in our hotel room, Caridad pointed out the orbs of light that hovering above and around the couple in both our pictures. No other picture either of us took that night showed orbs floating around the subjects. Only the two photos of this particular couple.

Caridad had a similar experience at her daughter's quinceanera, which took place in a historic house that's purported to be haunted. Several guests taking pictures of Caridad's daughter recorded orbs floating around her.

So it wasn't the camera - more than one camera recorded the images. It wasn't something in the air all over - no other picture we took registered these orbs. See for yourself...

My Photo - note the two orbs, one large, one smaller, above the female angel's head. A third orb is to the left of the head of the gentleman in the blue standing behind them on the left.

Caridad Pineiro's Photo - Here the three orbs are hovering in front of the male angel's wings.

So...ghosts attending DragonCon? What do you think??



Friday, September 4, 2009

Watcha Doin' for Labor Day?

09/09/09 update from Emily Bryan . . .
Please join me today at Sapphire Romance Realm for a chance to win YOUR CHOICE of my backlist!

We're talking about A CHRISTMAS BALL (Jennifer Ashley, 1/3 of that book, has already popped in!) my other books, writing in general and whatever you'd like to bring up!


PS. Here's your invitation to A CHRISTMAS BALL!

Create your own banner at!

RSVP at your favorite bookseller!


I'm always a little sad when Labor Day weekend rolls around. It's the last hurrah of summer and pretty soon my little dog Susie will be prancing along complaining her feet are cold on the frosty sidewalk when we go outside! But as long as Labor Day is upon me, I'd better plan to take advantage of the long weekend. However, we don't intend to brave the insane traffic trying to get out of the city later today.

We're going to cocoon instead.

Before I was able to write full time, I'd look on this 3 day weekend as a chance to advance my WIP by 30 pages--a huge leap forward when my daily page output was only 2. But now, I plan to sleep late. Take in a movie. Celebrate my DH's B-day (which is Sunday). Maybe head out to Revere Beach (takes about 15 minutes to get there) and catch up on my beachreading.

Speaking of reading, I'm in the middle of Lauren Willig's THE TEMPTATION OF THE NIGHT JASMINE and loving it. She has a "then and now" sort of thing going on with the structure of the novel--a couple set in current time who are studying a couple set in the past. Lauren tells the story of each with a gently comedic tone and a bit of espionage in both time periods. I highly recommend it.

If you are looking for something to while away some idle time this weekend, may I suggest the NightOwl Summer Love Webhunt? It's an easy way to score some great reads and book swag. I'll even get you started on this cyber-scavenger hunt. The graphic you need to find on my website is about half-way down my Bookshelf page on the left.

So what are your plans for this holiday weekend? Are you reading a book that moves you now? It's your turn to share!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shape Shifter Lovin'

To follow Cindy's post about Zombies, I'm jazzed that I have a shape-shifter romance out this week:

MORTAL SEDUCTIONS from Berkley Heat, me writing as Allyson James.

Erin Quinn is running a contest on her blog/website for a chance to win the first book in the series, Mortal Temptations.

An excerpt is here:

Also out--TALES OF THE SHAREEM: CALDER. At last, at long last, my Shareem fans will stop sending me hate mail about writing this book. I had to squeeze it in, but I did it! It will be out at Ellora's Cave TOMORROW (Friday 4th). Again, me writing as Allyson James.

It will be here:

or here:

Mortal Seductions is a yummy shape shifter erotic romance. CALDER is a Shareem book--genetically enhanced male sex slaves. Hey, I gotta have fun with my books.

Take care.

Jennifer Ashley writing as Allyson James

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Whooohooo! I'm headed to DRAGONCON!!

If you're one of the bajillion heading to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend (and especially if you happen to be PATRICK STEWART, LEONARD NIMOY, WILLIAM SHATNER or KATE MULGREW, lol), be sure and stop by my booth for a chat!

You can find me with the with the

Bump in the Night Authors
Marriot Marquis, Marquis Ballroom, Booth 707.

I'll be hanging with authors Susan Kearney, Susan Sizemore, Caridad Pineiro, and Raz Steel. We'll be signing books and also giving a bunch of stuff away. And don't miss Dorchester Publishing's Kindle Giveaway - loaded with your choice of three books by Dorchester DragonCon authors. Raz Steel and I will have details available at the booth.

If you're not up for DragonCon this year - don't despair. Stop by my website and check out my special DragonCon book giveaway contest, going on all month.

See you in Atlanta!

Joy Nash

Available October 27!

Silver Silence: Druids of Avalon #3

When the wizard Myrddin spirits Breena away to the future, Rhys follows

Cindy Holby

Gerri Russell

Joy Nash

Bonnie Vanak

Emily Bryan

C.L. Wilson

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