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Hi all, I've been under the weather and buried since RWA, which was great. I got a great review for DARKNESS OF THE WOLF, my August Bite.

Here's the blurb:
Imprisoned and tortured by demons, Guy Laurent thought the only way he could escape was through death. Then he is offered a chance a freedom by recovering a girl with the help of former Draicon Kayla Morris...

Even though Kayla has been warned that Guy is a dangerous and savage wolf, his scent—and his kiss—makes her wildness surface. But despite both their inner wolves howling to mate, Kayla must fight their attraction—or risk unleashing the deadly gift she hates...

This BITE is now available through eHarlequin. Click here.

This is only the second Bite I've written, and I have to admit I like it much better than Broken Souls. There is just something about Guy, dark, tormented, and wanting to turn away from the world.

Love those dark heroes.

Amelia Richard reviewed this book for CataRomance (her review will be posted this weekend) Here's what she has to say:

4.5 Stars

"DARKNESS OF THE WOLF is a spellbinding combination of magick, passion and destiny, where revelations await the dynamically endearing couple.

Heartrending at times, passionate during other circumstances and always emotionally satisfying. DARKNESS OF THE WOLF touches you on some level during every scene. Bonnie Vanak throws in some surprising twists and plenty of heartfelt sentiments to keep you totally mesmerized throughout the entire story.

The humans who visit Savage Kingdom Zoo have no idea the animals they see in cages are actually werecreatures being held there because of a past transgression. The demon caretakers are brutal and make certain those held prisoner at the zoo suffer when defiant. Guy Laurent is a Draicon werewolf who has experienced many years of agonizing loneliness because of a betrayal, and though he has vowed to never help another again, he will agree to an unanticipated offer which might lead to his being set free. Morphs, the worst enemy to his kind, have attacked a pack living on a Caribbean island, and his help is needed to bring the lone survivor back to the United States. Guy is to work with Kayla Morris, and if they are successful within five days, he will not have to return to his hellish prison.

With dangerous threats possible on this mission, Kayla is being forced to work with a supposedly violent wolf shape-shifter though she does not like his kind at all. She just wants to complete this assignment and collect the money which is needed to keep her company from closing. When she picks up Guy, she is stunned by the affect he has on her but plans to keep their relationship strictly professional. Though they have differing opinions about how to handle the mission at first, trust must be formed between them in order to find the missing girl and return her to the States. Guy and Kayla also come to realize what is missing in their lonely lives.

DARKNESS OF THE WOLF delivers what the Silhouette Nocturne BITES line promises, as there are dark paranormal elements perfectly entwined with an emotionally fervent romance.
Though these stories are short, Bonnie Vanak manages to pack her tale with an abundance of touching moments overflowing with sincere feelings. I was profoundly moved by the scenes where Guy obviously felt much anguish, as the physical suffering and aloneness felt by him was extremely palpable. My feelings for this hero ran deep, as his caring for others could not be suppressed, regardless of his own misery. Kayla is also a tortured soul, as she endured much emotional pain when younger yet has persevered. This skilled author amazingly has the reader connecting with these two in a short amount of time, as their future happiness quickly becomes important.

Each of the previous Nocturnes by Ms. Vanak feature the Draicon, a race of werewolves with distinguishing backgrounds, and this story adds another fascinating installment to this series. Their enemy, the Morph, is still causing havoc to the werewolf packs thus affecting their lives in unexpected ways. There are also some stunning disclosures during the story, ones which make future releases in the series highly anticipated. Whether it is a scene filled with sexual tension leading to a blazingly steamy intimate encounter or one brimming with emotionally dramatic incidents, every instant is particularly realistic. Magically enchanting plus emotively poignant, DARKNESS OF THE WOLF captivates and entertains. "

I must say, I do like writing the shorter stories. This Bite is less than 15,000 words. It's a challenge to pack everything into a short story, and I hope I succeeded with Darkness of the Wolf.

Special thanks to Jennifer Ashley, who gave me great advice on writing shorts!


Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner July 28, 2009 at 4:56 PM  

Ooh ooh, this is out?? I'm there!

Cover is Mmmmmm!

I might have given you some advice, but you did this all your own self. Congrats on the terrific review! High five to you!

Gerri Russell July 31, 2009 at 2:45 PM  


Congratulations on the terrific review!

I'm looking forward to reading your book!

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