Friday, June 12, 2009

How will You Celebrate EB Week?

from Emily Bryan . . .
Different parts of the country have different holidays. We learned this by accident when we failed to take our kids to school on Memorial Day in North Carolina. And tried to send them on Easter Monday!

When we lived in Park City, Utah, one of the grocery clerks wished me a "Happy 24th!" I almost said, "Merry Thursday to you, too," not having a clue what she was talking about. Apparently July 24th was the momentus day when Brigham Young looked out over the Great Salt Lake and told the weary Mormon settlers, "This is the place." It is celebrated with far more hoopla in Utah than the 4th of July is in other states.

Other countries have their own special holidays as well. Our Canadian friends celebrate Boxing Day, the day after Christmas (which we celebrate here in the States by boxing up our unwanted Christmas gifts and taking them back to the store for exchange!).

The Aussies have a charming holiday called Picnic Day, a thoroughly civilized stress-reliever to my mind. And now the good folk Down Under are launching a whole new celebration this Sunday called EB WEEK . . . Emily Bryan Week!

Ok, not everyone in Australia will celebrate Emily Bryan Week.

In fact, it's mostly just my good friends at Royal Reviews, the Queen of Happy Endings, the Empress of Good and Evil and her Highness, the Fussy Princess. And ok, the parade will be virtual and the only fireworks you'll see are on the top of this post, but I promise a good time will be had by all! Each day, we'll be talking about a different one of my books. Wednesday is our day for Hunky Heroes and don't miss Loved Up Friday! There'll be reviews and excerpts (and not chosen by me, so I can't wait to see what the Royal Court has decided to share!)

And every day, I'll be giving away a free book to someone who leaves a comment at Royal Reviews. They've promised me "royal accomodations," (I believe this means a jacuzzi tub, a king sized bed with 700 threadcount sheets, and a koala in the gum tree of my private garden) so I'll be popping in to answer questions and swap comments all week.

Throw a few shrimp on the barbie, pour yourself a glass of Yellow Tail and join me each day Down Under for EMILY BRYAN WEEK at Royal Reviews June 14th-June 21st.

Of course, the Aussies are a day a head of us here in the States because of the International Dateline. Or is it a day behind? Hmmm. Maybe we all better visit Royal Reviews every day just to make sure.

And please pop over to my blog tomorrow when my guest will be paranormal and romantic suspense author Kerri Nelson. She'll be giving away a Summer Survival Kit!

So, to get the virtual conversation started today . . . what's YOUR favorite holiday?


Gerri Russell June 12, 2009 at 5:26 PM  

Fun post, Emily!

You know, I love the Fourth of July because it doesn't involve any major work like a lot of holidays. It's a day to hang with family and friends, with lots of community events, and fireworks. I just love sitting on the open grass of our neighborhood park and watching the sky fill with beautiful colors while music plays in the background.

Good times. :-)

Teddyree June 12, 2009 at 11:07 PM  

I love Boxing Day, the day after Christmas when the frenetic pace and all the excitement dies down. We normally spend Boxing Day with family at the beach or just lying around with full tummy's & chilling!

Hope to see you all at Royal Reviews for EB week and YES Aussies are a day ahead!

EmilyBryan June 13, 2009 at 10:32 AM  

I love the 4th of July too, Gerri but for a different reason. It's my dad's birthday. He says he doesn't remember a birthday in his boyhood that didn't include burned fingers from the fireworks!

See you soon, Teddy!

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