Friday, May 1, 2009

Romantic Times Convention in Orlando!

from Emily Bryan

See Emily. See Emily ready to go at the Romantic Times Convention.

This is one of the outfits from my much touted "Shopping Nirvana" experience! Please see Shopito, ergo sum if you missed the post the first time!

See Emily's roommate. See Emily's roommate hugging the stuffing out of Charles Paz, Mr. Romance 2009!

This is NYTimes Bestseller Bobbi Smith! She and I had a ball with the Aspiring Writers for two days before the craziness of the big convention began. I also dragged Bobbi kicking and screaming into blogdom. We set up her very first blog at Bobbi Smith Westerns. Surprise the pants off her by popping over and leaving a comment for her!

See Kathryn. See her joy at the surprise wedding shower!

This is Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow, arguably the First Lady of Romance. She is the driving force behind the Romantic Times empire and this year she wed her fiance of 29 years. We were informed that Ken may now be called "Lord Barrow."

See the pirate. See the pirate's fine catch. Don't think he'll toss this one back.

At RT, you learn not to be shocked by anything--pirates, mermaids, fairies, vampires, you name it. Part of the fun of RT is the wild and wacky costumes the attendees put together. It's a little like Halloween for adults.

See the Fairy. See the Fairy DogMother!

This is Jane and Maureen, two of the aspiring writers (and two of my 50day/50blog VEXING THE VISCOUNT "blog touristas!"). There were so many inventive, silly, scary, (insert random adjective here) costumes each night, but these two were my favorites!

See Emily. See Emily with her books.

RT isn't all fun and games (just mostly!) There's also an opportunity to introduce new readers to my work, to hobnob with industry professionals and network with my fellow authors.

See Erin. See Charles. See Leah. They are very happy.

And why shouldn't they be? Charles was just chosen as Mr.Romance2009. Part of his prize is a cover model contract for an upcoming Leisure Book or Lovespell title. Hey, Leah! (She's my fabulous editor!) He'd look good on one of my books!

See Erin. See Erin do a "Vanna White" impression!

This is Erin Galloway, Dorchester's marketing guru. She and the rest of the Dorchester gang do so much more for us than wave a hand in front of our books. Dorchester sponsored the Mr. Romance Contest, which featured a cover model portraying my Viscount hero from VEXING THE VISCOUNT and a host of other Dorchester heroes. They also pulled together a bookseller/librarian mixer that gave us a chance to visit with the people who will hand-sell our work.

See Emily. See Emily with her friends. After a week at the RT Convention.

Yes, I am holding an adult beverage. From left to right, we have me, Cindy Holby, CL Wilson, Gerri Russell and Bonnie Vanak. We tried to recreate our Chatelaines pose, but it was hard without Jennifer Ashley and Joy Nash. Maybe next year girls! There's never enough space to fit all of RT in, so if you'd like to see more of the Mr. Romance Contest or RT Attendees, please pop over to my blog!

Another thing Dorchester sponsored was the Beach Blast Ball on the last night, but I don't have any pics from that. I was too busy doing the "bump" with Anna DeStefano on the dance floor. I've been told the pics from that night are "blackmail-worthy." But be forewarned. I have a brother-in-law who's a lawyer and I'm not afraid to use him! Hope to see you all in Columbus OH for the RT Convention next year!


Joanna D'Angelo May 1, 2009 at 6:32 AM  

What fun! I hope one of these years I can go to RT! Thanks for sharing your pics with us ;)

Gerri Russell May 1, 2009 at 7:38 AM  

Thanks for sharing that great recap of RT events. Great pictures.

How did I miss the dog fairies? So much to do and see . . .

EmilyBryan May 1, 2009 at 10:26 AM  

Joanna--Next year RT is in Columbus Ohio. Maybe that will be closer to you.

Gerri--The Fairy DogMother specializes in helping dyslexic heroines. Isn't she cute?

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner May 1, 2009 at 10:48 AM  

RT Pics!! Thanks for sharing. I love the mermaid--how did she walk? (I guess that's why she's being carried.)

EmilyBryan May 1, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

She had to be carried everywhere and this girl could SING! She's a coloratura soprano with an impressive range.

Leah May 1, 2009 at 12:53 PM  

I love the green outfit, Em! Good shopping indeed. Hmmm...I wonder if Mr. Romance would make a good sculptor...?

Genella deGrey May 5, 2009 at 2:06 PM  

Ya know, I didn't get a pic w/ Emily. :(

Next year, I promise!


Cindy Holby

Gerri Russell

Joy Nash

Bonnie Vanak

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C.L. Wilson

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