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Two-day Immortals giveaway!

Vampires, werewolves, and ghosts, oh my!

Ready for some paranormal tingles? You'll find plenty in Immortals: The Reckoning. The anthology features novellas by Jennifer Ashley, Robin T. Popp,!

Since Jenn and I both blog here at the Chatelaines, we've cooked up something special to celebrate our joint release. A sneak peek at our hot-off-the-presses novellas, and a two day giveaway of our previous Immortals titles - Jenn's Immortals: The Redeeming, and my Immortals: The Crossing.

Read on!

"Blood Debt" by Joy Nash in Immortals: The Reckoning

This story features my first-ever vampire hero, Arthur Jackson Cabot, IV :-)

Jackson Cabot's bright future went dark in 1896 Paris, when he died and was turned vampire. After three decades of slavery in the service of Europe's brutal vampire master, Jackson discovered a secret that has allowed him to hoard power. Now, at last, his strength approaches that of his rival, and he exists solely to take vengeance on the two beings responsible for his eternal nightmare: the monster that turned him vampire -- and the beautiful Sidhe muse who killed him.


Leanna neared the front desk. The night clerk was handsome and young, with olive skin and bedroom eyes. And he was, as fate would have it, an artist.

A sketchbook lay open before him; a pencil graced his elegant, long-fingered hand. He greeted her with a smile. Before she quite knew what she was doing, a tendril of muse magic escaped. The pulse caused him to go still, then swallow thickly. Leanna had no doubt that behind the desk something else was thickening as well.

Gods. How long had it been since she'd bedded an artist? Almost two years. And the ugly truth was, Leanna missed her muse magic. The heady exchange of inspiration and life, delivered at the precise moment of orgasm, was a mind-blowing high, one she'd reveled in for two centuries, while her conscience slept.

Right here, right now, she wanted this boy, fiercely. She could lose herself in him, at least for one night. It wouldn't be a one-sided exchange. There was much she could offer him. She could give him his fondest dream. Under the influence of her magic, he would create a brilliant work of art. His fame would be instant. The world would throw itself at his feet. Worship him like a god.

And then he would die.

Leanna yanked her magic back. What was she thinking? She couldn't chance taking this young man to bed. The boy could very well be so hungry for fame and fortune that he would destroy himself to get it. That was the problem with artists. One could never tell how desperate they were, until it was too late.

She nodded briefly at the clerk and passed by without speaking. Perhaps he would never be a great artist, but at least he would have a chance for a long and happy life.

The elevator doors swished closed, leaving her alone in the cab. When would she ever grow accustomed to keeping her own company? Never, she suspected. She hated being alone in the night.

Her hotel room was quiet, shrouded in darkness. She didn't bother to turn on the light as she shed her dress, shoes, stockings and bra. Wearing just her thong, she slid between the sheets. Her head sank onto a stack of downy pillows, but her eyes remained open. The lace curtains at the window fluttered; the hazy light from the street danced across the coverlet.

A sudden shadow fell across the bed. She blinked. She didn’t at first understand what was happening.

A man’s voice broke the velvet darkness.

"Bonsoir, Leanna. Or at this hour, perhaps I should say bon matin?"

She sucked in a breath.

She wasn't alone, after all.

And now for my half of the giveaway!

If you'd like to win an autographed copy of my October 08 book, Immortals: The Crossing, just leave a question or comment about Immortals on this post. I’ll choose a winner at random, and post her name tomorrow!

All the best!


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Terri February 25, 2009 at 3:24 AM  

I've been reading this series since the beginning and love it! I finished the first 4 books and wanted more so when they showed up a year later, I was thrilled. So, far they haven't disappointed me yet. Keep up the great work. I haven't read the latest one yet. It's on my to be read pile towards the top. I figure it will make its way to my hands this weekend.


EmilyBryan February 25, 2009 at 5:03 AM  

Loved THE CROSSING, Joy! Your prose just sings! And Jen's THE REDEEMING . . . yum! Don't enter me in the contest. I already enjoyed them both!

Gillian Layne February 25, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

I love paranormals, and think the whole premise behind the Immortals was brilliant. :)

Lori Ann February 25, 2009 at 9:39 AM  

Thanks for sharing that excerpt, Joy. I love vampire heroes, so I cannot wait to read more about Jackson. This anthology sounds like it it going to be a great read!

The_Book_Queen February 25, 2009 at 5:09 PM  

Oh my-- how could I have forgot that the Immortals anthology was coming out soon? I've been a fan of the series from book one, and I've bought all of them since then. Forgive me, oh mighty authors! LOL. Was that a bit too much suck up? I didn't think so, personally.. ;)

On a serious note: Thanks for posting that excerpt-- I love reading mini-chapters of books early, though it taunts me until I get a copy in my hands.

RiRi February 25, 2009 at 8:56 PM  

Hi Joy. I so enjoy the Immortals series. Since I got my first copy at my first RT in Houston I've been hooked. Still raving about it today *lol*
Best wishes, Rita from South Africa

Joy Nash February 27, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

And the winner is...

RiRi in South Africa!! Cool!

Send your snail mail address to: and I'll get a copy of The Crossing to you!

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