Monday, February 16, 2009

Music for the Muse

There are certain things I have to have in place before I can start writing a story. A title, the pefect names for my characters, a plot (of course) and then music. I find by finding the right music to go with the story I can fall into the mood pretty quick when I sit down to write.

But I also go beyond that. I have to have a theme song for my heroes. I won't be content until I find one that sums up their personality. Almost as if I was writing a musical and it is time for their big production.

For Chase in Chase The Wind it was Mark Chestnut's "I'll Think Of Something."
For Jake it was Creed's "Weathered"
For Caleb it was "Unforgiven" Yes I am a big Creed fan.

Lately I've fallen in love with Sether's "Break Me Down" It's perfect for Rhys in Breathe Of Heaven. John Connor's song for Fallen is Stone Temple Pilots Seems like dark days. Not sure of the title since its just track 8 on my Ipod. I like STP too. The new and improved proposal for Prism that I worked on last week went from being Linkin Park to Keith Urban. His Golden Road CD just fits the entire story. I can imagine scenes going along with several of the songs.

I have different tracks for different writing days. When I'm really struggling I put in KD Langs' Chatelaine (Which also inspired the name for this blog) I like the sound tracks from Tristan and Isolde, Pride and Prejudice and Atonement if I just want background music. Also love love love the sound tracks from Cruel Intentions and Queen of the Damned. I listen to those a lot when I'm writing my scifi's. Also Evanesence seems to fit my scifi's well. Just Creed fits my historicals, espeically the westerns.

So how bout it writers and readers? Does music inspire you?


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