Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th-Lucky or Unlucky?

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who died on the Continental flight to Buffalo last night. I'm so sorry for you loss.

Coming so close to Friday the 13th, I began thinking some might try to connect the disaster to this date that so many perceive to be unlucky. I'm not a terribly superstitious person. Black cats hold no terror for me. Ditto for walking under ladders. From what I can see, Friday the 13th was only unlucky for the Knights Templar back in 1307. (I bet Gerri Russell can shed more light on that tale. Looks like her upcoming book features a knight errant!)

But I think superstitions have risen as our way of trying to make sense of the apparent randomness of misfortune. And maybe claim some protection. If we clutch a rabbit's foot, we'll come through unscathed. (This superstition really has me scratching my head. After all, it certainly wasn't lucky for the rabbit!)

Since my DH works in the travel technology field, I've logged lots of hours in the air. I make my peace with God every time I board a plane. Life is filled with possible misfortune. It's also brimming with wonderful, thrilling times. But one thing is certain. We're all terminal. Knowing that is both our blessing and our curse.

Because I know that life isn't a sure thing, it's important for me to remember to show the people I love how much they mean to me each day, to celebrate the little victories, and suck all the joy I can out of every moment. I want to laugh everyday and hopefully spread a little fun around in the process. So with that in mind . . .

For YOU, this Friday the 13th could be very lucky indeed. My blog tour goes on and with it another chance to win a VEXING THE VISCOUNT. Today, I'm at FreshFiction !

If you're not familiar with FreshFiction, you'll thank me for steering you there. They have reviews, interviews and lots of fun stuff. Along with the chance to win a VEXING THE VISCOUNT, a comment on my post will also enter you to win a $10 gift certificate from my fellow Leisure Books author, the fabulous Jade Lee!

Feeling lucky? Hope to see you there.

So what do you think about Friday the 13th (and I don't mean the slasher movies--ugh!)? Are there any superstitions that you believe are valid? Any time you think a talisman of some sort helped you through danger? Any superstition you find hilarious?

Feb 16th~And the Blog Goes On . . .

Happy Presidents Day! While you're enjoying a day off, I hope you'll stop by Sandra Cox's Blog. Sandra tells me we'll be posting this evening, so come on over, let me pour you a cup of decaf and we'll have a fashionably late chat. She's posting a new, never-before-seen excerpt from VEXING THE VISCOUNT . I like to call this scene Georgian Girl Talk! Here's your chance to listen in on a conversation between our heroine Daisy and her Great Aunt, the retired courtesan Isabella.



Genella deGrey February 13, 2009 at 11:16 AM  

My grandmother always used to comment on superstitions, but I'm not all that sure she took them seriously.

I don't hold to them, and I always think it strange when modern tall buildings omit the 13th floor.


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