Friday, January 30, 2009

Drooling with Brain Fatigue

When I decided to borrow Joy Nash's idea and do a 50day/50blog tour leading up to the release of VEXING THE VISCOUNT, I thought it would be an easy way to get the word out about my book.


Please don't misunderstand. I'm having a ball meeting new readers and getting to know some fabulous blog owners, but the pressure of trying to be entertaining every day is permanently crossing my eyes! I bless the names of all those blog owners who send me interview questions to prick my creativity. Coming up with fresh original posts is draining. I have a merry band of "blog touristas" who are following me through cyber-space and I don't want to bore them.

I've explored VEXING THE VISCOUNT's hero and heroine, secondary characters, backstory, fashions, political landscape, sensual content, etc. I've talked about writing as Diana Groe and the challenge of adding humor to my prose to become Emily Bryan. I've blogged about "the call", my path to publication, finding an agent (something I need to do again because my agent's health has forced her to close her doors). I've talked about Georgian financial debacles and courtesan's pensions. I've been reduced to sharing recipes and my cooking is best described as "burnt offerings." (Just ask my poor DH!)

So if anyone has some ideas or suggestions on where to find ideas for blog posts, please sing out! Yesterday, I had 58 comments and I so want to finish this marathon running strong.

My 50day/50blog VEXING THE VISCOUNT Tour rolls on today with another chance to win a VEXING THE VISCOUNT. I'll be at talking about 4 methods for writing a novel.

Hope to see you there!

Feb 3rd Update!

That's right. Today at Book Reviews by Bobbie, we're talking about S-E-X! In fiction, of course! I'm sharing my literary "first time."

Come on over and leave a comment or question for a chance to win a VEXING THE VISCOUNT!

PS. Today I'm giving you a "two-fer!" I'll also be on Rowena Cherry's Crazy Tuesday from 10AM to noon EST. I'll be joined by Rowena of course, along with Sara Taney Humphreys, Lillian Cauldwell, Kellyann Zuzulo, Brenna Lyons and Mark Terrence Chapman. And we're talking about heroes! Everybody needs one.


Feb 4th Update

Sometimes, a writer's career takes a turn. I'm visiting with my friend, Erin Eisenberg about making the switch from my Diana Groe epics to Emily Bryan's light-hearted romps. Join us at Erin's Into A Writer's Head.

As usual, I'll be giving away a free copy of Vexing the Viscount to someone who comments!


Gerri Russell January 30, 2009 at 8:13 AM  


I can certainly understand your exhaustion. I am so very proud of you though for putting yourself and your ideas out there like that! May all the effort bring you wonderful rewards.

You go girl!

EmilyBryan January 30, 2009 at 12:45 PM  

Well, one of the really good things is that this is one type of promo I can do in my jammies. Since my December surgery, that's a big plus.

Getting dressed up means a jogging suit for me right now. :)

EmilyBryan January 31, 2009 at 5:06 AM  

Jan 31st Update!

I'm visiting with the gals over at KillerFiction today. I'll be giving away another copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT to someone who leaves a comment or question.

We're talking about killing the editor. Hope to see you there. I could use more partners in crime!

Cindy Holby January 31, 2009 at 5:59 AM  

I have a hard enough time blogging once a week, I can't imagine 50 straight days. So hooray for you!

Metonia January 31, 2009 at 4:30 PM  

Not my idea but RNTV and the Romance bandits (I just met them on facebook) did a week of vignettes in which I shyly participated ... maybe a talk about that will pass another bloggind day away.... about vignettes not other writer groups. Although My dad always said be nice to someone and someone will be nice to you. Sorry having postng itis this week lol

EmilyBryan February 1, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

Feb 1st
Today, I'm proving Thomas Wolfe wrong. You can go home again.

I'm blogging at OzarkRomanceAuthors. This is a terrific writers group that meets in Springfield, MO, about 2 hours from my home when I lived in that state. But it was always worth the trip for me to drive over on a Saturday to join them.

Writing is such a solitary activity, it's important to find other writers for support. And ORA was (and still is!) wonderful support for me.

In my blog today, I'm sharing the fun of having my books published in other languages. Check it out and leave a comment so I can enter you in my daily drawing for a copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT!

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner February 4, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

Emily: Promo does take a lot of energy, for me even more than writing the book! You go, and congrats for doing so well so far. (Oh, and never pick me as a book winner--I'll buy it. LOL)

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